Recommended Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

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Do you use Instagram?

Do you have any recommended fitness Instagram accounts that you love to follow?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… rather than doing the things I should be doing, I spend far too much time on Instagram, following what people get up to, liking pictures and just generally wasting time!!!

But, I also believe that there are some fantastic accounts to follow, some genuine fitness people who always motivate me to get off my arse and go workout or try to eat a little healthier…

So let’s begin, these are my favourite and highly recommended fitness accounts at this moment in time, go check them out and be sure to tell them who sent you.

Recommended Fitness Instagram Accounts to follow right now



So down to earth and motivational, Emma shares some great information and tips on almost all of her posts. She is extremely knowledgeable and the information she shares is invaluable. Also, she does the most amazing, mouthwatering smoothie bowls.

veganfitnessphd on Instagram


I don’t know what it is but Karen is one mom that I feel I can relate to. She is also entering her first Bikini competition so go show her some love and support.

vegan_fitness_mumma on Instagram


Jenelle is supermom… How on earth she manages to look after 6 and make time for keeping herself fit is beyond me. This woman is inspirational, so when you have them excuses about there being not enough time, just take a look at her Instagram and I’m sure they will go right out of your head!!

fitmumof6 on Instagram


Katie is all about body positivity, she shows that we are all human and have cellulite, stretch marks and she shares about how we should be happy with our journey and not wait until we reach our goal to celebrate.

katie_fitness_uk on Instagram


I love running and so does this Vegan Mother Runner. So definitely one to watch if you like to run. She will provide you with the motivation to get off your bum, lace up your trainers and get out the door

mother.v.runner on Instagram


Susan describes herself as “Just a middle-aged vegan lady staying fit” and I must say she is pretty motivational PLUS she seems to like coffee almost as much as I do!

barbells.and.tofu on Instagram

I’m sure you will notice I’ve got quite a theme going on regarding these Instagram accounts… can you tell what it might be??

Also why we are on the subject of Instagram, why not go follow me too!!

lifewithvickielouise on Instagram

Are you on Instagram??

Who do you follow?? Who do you recommend?? Let me know your Instagram and I’ll go check it out!!

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