Who’s behind the blog

With this blog I wish to (hopefully) motivate and inspire you to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, bring you parenting stories, healthy recipes, my love of fitness, reviews of my favourite products and other things that I love and want to share.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Let me tell you a little about myself…

My name is Vickie Louise and I’m a busy mom to a boy with special needs. I’m also a plant-based foodie, runner, weightlifter, blogger, chocolate lover and anything pink addict. With an enthusiasm for life and a passion for health, fitness and trying to be a good mom.

Find something that gives you passion and stick with it.  It should make you feel amazing. Do what you love and love what you do.

I launched this blog after two years of changing my lifestyle. Up until the age of 30, I made bad choices. I had no idea what a healthy lifestyle consisted of. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t huge, at least that’s what I thought at the time and I certainly wasn’t healthy and you wouldn’t have caught me exercising.

Now, at the age of 33, I’m a completely different person. I’m aware of what impact we have on the environment and I try to live simply and contribute less to the damage of the planet, I lift weights (and love it), I run and I have a healthy balanced diet, I’m full of motivation, I push myself to my limits and I strongly believe in doing what you love.  That motto has kind of got me to where I am today.

I love to spend my time creating Plant Based, nourishing, feel-good recipes (including many over-indulgent desserts!), sharing tips & tricks and lots of love.

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