March 2018 Goals (and how I did with my February goals)

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Happy first day of March! Now that February is over and done with, I thought it might actually feel like we may be heading into Spring…

Yeah right!! Not likely, today is actually one of the coldest days ever. Temperatures such as -13c do not belong in March.

But anyway, time to get on with the post!

Why I set these Monthly Goals

I really really enjoyed writing and working on my February goals last month. I found that setting myself small and realistic goals is enabling me to focus on what is important through the month, yes there are other things that crop up that are not planned in, but mostly, it gives me a few things to aim to achieve.

So I am going to continue with this and start the first post of the month with my March goals list!

But first, let’s see what I actually checked off from February’s Goals.

March 2018 Goals (and how I did with my February Goals. See how I did and what my targets are for this month!!

February Goals: How did I do?

  • Organize A’s toys and purge/put in storage: Made a great start, put some away and got rid of the toys that were broken, plus A actually got his play area back this month!
  • Read 3 books: Nope, only managed to find time to read 2.
  • Have at least one date night with J: With one thing or another, this didn’t happen, carrying this one over to next month!
  • Focus on daily meditation: This one I’ve achieved every weekday, weekends are a different story and probably when I need it most.
  • Increase my water intake: I would say this has been a success, its increased, but definitely could do better.
  • Complete a strength workout at least three times a week: I’ve let myself down with this one as I’ve probably done 3 strength workouts over the entire month. This has not been my top priority since I’ve spent a lot of last month suffering from my IBS.
  • Write some posts and schedule them for March in the editorial calendar: I managed a grand total of 1 – this one, yesterday evening.
  • Work on growing my Pinterest traffic: Success, the number of people seeing my pins has gone from 8,000 to 31,500 over this month, this has meant increased click-throughs to my site too.

March 2018 Goals

  • Have a major clothes clear-out: I have way more clothes than I have room to store for, so this is something that has to be done.
  • Read 3 books: Still aiming for 3. Wish me luck!
  • Have at least one date night with J: I’m leaving this one in, you never know it may happen this month.
  • Hit a certain amount of savings: I realised I desperately need to start taking my savings (or lack of) seriously. I’m not going to reveal the amount I want to hit by the end of March but I’ve got it in mind.
  • Increase my water intake a little more: Increase from last months daily intake.
  • Teach A to ride his bicycle: this will be weather permitting, the bike is one with a handle on the back but at the moment he’s got no idea about pedalling, steering or even sitting up straight and looking where he’s going.
  • Bake something: I haven’t done any baking in absolute ages! It’s time to get into the kitchen and rustle up something yummy.
  • Treat myself to something: As in like, actually, buy something for me. For no reason other than I just want it. I am terrible for not treating myself, I literally can’t remember the last time I bought myself anything!
  • Have 50 blog followers: At the time of writing this, I currently have 10 – so I think this is probably pushing it a little bit, but possible, providing I work really hard on my content!

So there we go! Another small and achievable list of goals I’d like to achieve this March. I would love to know what some of your March 2018 goals are!

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