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Hey there friends!

Thank you so much for stopping by this little space on the web of mine. I’m so grateful that you are here.

If you are interested in healthy living, natural beauty, you’re a parent, work from home or love blogging, then I’m sure you’ll find something you love on my blog!

You may have stumbled upon this space through Pinterest, or maybe Instagram. Or, maybe you literally stumbled upon “Life With Vickie Louise” with Stumble Upon! Regardless, I’m super stoked you are here and would love to show you around.

Health & Fitness

I’m passionate about healthy living. To me healthy living is the whole package. Eating the most nutritious foods, being active every day, reducing stress and living in a healthy environment. This is probably the topic I’m most obsessed about and can talk about for hours.

Beauty; Natural & Cruelty-Free

I’m also very passionate about using only cruelty free and mostly natural products on my skin.


In this section I share lots of tips and advice. I will also try at some point to share a monthly income and stats report so you can see exactly how much I earn from blogging.

Motivation & Goals

I love to read motivational stories of others and goal posts, so here will be where I share things that keep me motivated and goals of my own.

Lifestyle, Family & Personal Posts

This is the place where I share anything I want; lifestyle related, family related or personal posts. Its a great way for you to see the person behind the blog and what our crazy family life is like for us. Kid related posts will also be housed here.


I love “trying” to make extra cash from home around my parenting duties. In this section I’ll share all the ways I’ve tried to make money as well as any money related topics such as saving money.