The 1 top tip for getting started with fitness

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If I could give you the number 1 top tip for getting started with fitness, it would be….

Do what you love!!!

Don’t think you will (or have to) enjoy a certain way of exercising just because it’s popular, or because your friends are doing it, or even because it seems popular on Facebook or Instagram. Just because one type of fitness programme works for someone, it doesn’t mean that it has to work for you too.

Do choose something that you love, if you love running, then run. If you love to swim, then go swimming. If you want to lift weights then do that. It’s about whatever gives you the motivation to get up off your butt, get your body active and learning to love what you do.

Another good point to remember is, what you love today may be different next month or next year, you may discover a new way to workout that you previously thought you wouldn’t enjoy. For instance; I’ve gone through many different things on my own journey. I’ve enjoyed running (and still do) and now the big thing I have been into is lifting weights. (I love the feeling of being strong and the effects strength training has on my metabolism)

So my advice to you is this… find something you enjoy and love moving your body in any way that you want to.  So what are you waiting for… Get out there and do the activity you enjoy! 

What sort of activity do you enjoy? Do you have any tips you would like to add to this for others just getting started with their fitness journey? Please share in the comments.

Vickie x

Top Tip for getting started with fitness
  1. Agreed. Sometimes we complicate this way too much. As long as we’re getting our heart rate up for 30 minutes a day, and incorporating some strength training a couple times a week, those are the only boxes we need to check. The rest is up to us and what we enjoy doing. Great post!!

    • I think that’s why many don’t start. There is so much information out there (and much of it very conflicting) and it’s really easy to feel we have to workout a certain way, but you are right, that’s what everyone should be aiming for.

      Thank you.

  2. Thank you!! So often it’s easy to feel like we are doing it “wrong”, or if you just HATE running you can’t be in good shape. I love this and it’s inspiring to see a fitness blogger who understands! LOVE IT!!

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